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The philosophy


Massolino Vigna Rionda wines reflect a very clear production philosophy: a precise product that fully expresses the characteristics of the fruit and the terroir.

The producer believes that only one strategy pays off: not adding but elevating. Safeguarding the highest and purest expressions of the grape gives life to extraordinary, complex and harmonious wines.

The Massolino


Their ambition is to make wines with a strong, recognisable identity: wines capable of writing a legacy.

A Barolo that makes its mark, that builds memories, that reflects the passion that goes into its creation in the glass. Writing a legacy means taking action with awareness and dedication. It also implies great respect for the land and its fruits, something that has always been part of the Massolinos ambition.

The complexity of their


Massolinos classic Barolo and Barbaresco wines are the fascinating choral expression of their soils, achieved by vinifying grapes from different vineyards, as was the custom in the past. However, the complexity of their terroir reaches its highest level of expression in what they can consider the solo voices of the single vineyards: Vigna Rionda, Margheria, Parafada, Parussi and, last but not least, Albesani.