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Cerretta Barolo 2015 DBMG (3 L)

Sale price10.500,00 DKK

Conterno, Giacomo Cerretta Barolo 2015 DBMG

Wine Advocate

After our tasting of the two Barbera wines, we moved over to 40-hectoliter cask number 101 to get our first taste of Conterno's finished (or nearly finished, as the wine had not been bottled yet) Nebbiolo. The 2015 Barolo Cerretta is influenced by the warm conditions of the vintage with plenty of ripe and succulent fruit, although this vintage differs from the similarly warm 2017 and 2011 harvests in that the 2015 growing season had more moisture locked within the soil. Consequently, this vintage tends to offer cool-climate tannins and structure, giving the wine the ample backbone it needs to carry all those luscious dark nuances. The wine is ripe, profound and makes your mouth salivate. (ML 6/2019)

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Cerretta Barolo 2015 DBMG (3 L)
Cerretta Barolo 2015 DBMG (3 L) Sale price10.500,00 DKK